Joy Thierry Llewellyn

Author of young adult travel adventure novels &

kin to genre writers & long-distance hikers

The first of my Young Adult novels, Camino Maggie has been published, with two more coming soon. Detailed information can be found in the YA Travel Adventure link on my dashboard.

In my 30-year career, I have been a wildlife biology technician, journalist, technical writer, written drama, documentary, and corporate scripts, taught screenwriting, lead international filmmaking workshops, read thousands of scripts, and worked with 1500 rookie and professional writers story editing their film and television scripts and fiction.

I’ve also worked extensively with youth giving filmmaking and writing workshops, plus herded goats in France, was a governess on a sheep station in Australia and lived in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Nepal. My play passion for the past ten years has been long-distance hiking, including 1600km over 72 days across France and Spain, going hut to hut in the Italian Alps, and walking on coastal paths in England and Wales.

Young Adult novel writing is an important part of my creative life these days, but I continue to work with writers of all genres to ensure their writing projects reflect both their imagination and industry standards.

I can be contacted at Joy Thierry Llewellyn