Joy Thierry Llewellyn

I chose a nomadic life, which had me swatting mosquitoes in northern Canada, dodging snakes on an Australian sheep station, growing to love goats and hate fleas in an intentional community in the French Pyrenees, getting sick with Dengue Fever in southern India, hiking 1600 km across France and Spain in 72 days, and living in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Nepal. My narrative non-fiction travel and memoir essays have been published in magazines and newspapers, a memoir story about growing up in an isolated fishing camp was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Competition, and I’ve story edited 1500 film and TV scripts. Combining my three loves of writing, travelling, and teaching, I’ve facilitated workshops and taught screenwriting in Canada, India, and China. I now write Young Adult adventure novels and am working on a memoir about solo and family wanderings around the world.

These days I live on a small British Columbia island connected to an even smaller island by a one-lane bridge. I like to watch Orca whales swim by Thieves Bay and am involved in my island’s Emergency Program. I have yet to join my heroines in coming face-to-face with aliens or alligators, but I remain hopeful.

I can be contacted at Joy Thierry Llewellyn