Teen Rebel Series

If you like stories about teenage girls who suddenly find themselves in unexpected and unusual situations, and must find a way to solve their problem(s), then you’ll enjoy the Teen Rebel Series.

Each heroine rebel finds herself forced to deal with the consequences of a stupid dare (Maggie), of having two unusual foster mothers (Rebecca), and being trapped by a typhoon that brings more than just wind and rain (Ariela). If you’re looking for novels that involve travel adventures or romance or action, you’ll like the Teen Rebel Series.


Camino Maggie, Teen Rebel

After getting caught breaking into her aunt’s store, Maggie’s punishment is an 800 km hike in Spain with her aunt, a youth counsellor, and three other young offenders. Who knows where boys, betrayals, and blisters may lead?


Spark Rebecca, Teen Rebel

Rebecca’s first foster parent was from another planet, her second is an eccentric meteorite hunter, and the cute guy she’s attracted to has put them all in danger. Now it’s up to her to keep her beloved Alien foster mother from being sold to the highest bidder.

Gator Boarding Ariela, Teen Rebel

When a raging typhoon strands Ariela in the Louisiana Women’s Prison, she must outwit escaping prisoners, collapsing walls, and a cranky grandmother, while avoiding angry alligators and keeping her young brother and inmate mother safe.

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